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Chuck Maher - Financial Planner Serving Monument, Colorado; Denver, Colorado Springs and Castle Rock

Welcome to my website: ChuckMaher.com!  Since 1982 I've been providing investment and financial planning services in Monument, Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, and Denver, Colorado. Throughout the years, I've helped numerous clients save for retirement, save for their children's college education, and build wealth.  Today, as many of my clients are coming to the age of retirement it is a pleasure to see their retirement income planning efforts pay off as they now make their plans to retire.

Financial Planning Services

As a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, I offer financial solutions and products that make sense and work best for your unique situation and goals rather than solutions best for “the firm”.  Because most of my services are fee based my clients (business owners, executives, professionals, active duty and retired military personnel, retirees and individuals) can take comfort in knowing my financial planning recommendations are not made based on sales commissions.

Financial Plans for Every Stage of Life

Throughout my career I have designed financial plans for clients in every stage of life.  My services consider all aspects of a well-rounded financial plan including:

  • personal financial planning,
  • retirement income planning,
  • retirement planning,
  • investment analysis,
  • investment portfolio management,
  • insurance and risk management analysis,
  • insurance products including life, disability and long-term care; and
  • direct investing including mutual funds, variable annuities and variable life insurance. 

However, my specialties are: 

Wealth building – budgeting, saving, investing, leveraging your money, and guiding you to financial freedom.

Retirement planning—You planned for retirement and have money in different accounts and each has its own set of rules.  Then, there's social security.  Whether you are fully retiring or only semi-retiring, my goal is to help you establish a plan for your money so that it lasts as long as you do.

Morally responsible investing—You want to invest but you want to be sure the companies you invest in hold the same moral values you do.  I research and identify investment options to help you meet your goals.

Your Resource for Investment and Financial Planning Information

Wherever you are in your journey, whatever your budget and goals, I want you to consider me your resource for investment and financial planning information. 

Here on my website, in the Resource section, I've compiled  articles, online books and videos on many financial topics.  Additionally, there are numerous financial calculators to help you answer almost any question you might have. 

In the Market Watch section, I've provided tools that allow you to get a snapshot of the market as well as watch the investments in your portfolio or research any stocks in which you may want to invest.   

Ultimately, when working with clients, it is my goal to make your financial plan easy to understand and simple to implement.  Whenever you have a question, I am just a phone call away.

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For a FREE consultation and to learn more about how I can help you create a financial plan for your future, email me or call me today at (719) 481-0549 or in Denver (303) 748-6352