Morally Responsible & Faith-based Investing

Open bible on a piece of driftwoodFor clients of faith, who are pro-life and pro-family and who want to invest in companies that have similar moral ideals, I am pleased to provide morally responsible investing options.

What is Morally Responsible Investing?

Morally responsible investing is making the choice to invest only in funds that screen out morally objectionable companies.  These are often faith-based funds (Christian, Catholic, Evangelical, etc.) that specifically exclude companies who engage in or support: abortion, embryonic stem cell research, the production or distribution of pornography, or any other anti-family values. 

Is Morally Responsible Investing the Same as Socially Responsible Investing?

Socially responsible investing targets investment decisions based on an agenda that could exclude companies involved in alcohol or nuclear power.  Or, the funds objectives may exclude investing in industries that are not environmentally sustainable, for example.  Morally responsible investing is a subset of socially responsible investing with the objective of supporting certain faith-based beliefs.  

The Best Faith-Based Funds

To choose the best faith-based funds I work with mutual fund companies that specialize in biblical based investing.  For clients with different, or more unique, requirements, I have software that allows us to screen any fund for moral violations.

You Can Honor Your Faith and Make Money

Often, clients are concerned that they will be sacrificing performance to honor their faith.  A question I hear often is, “do faith-based funds perform as well as non-faith-based funds?”  While no one can predict the future, or guarantee the performance of any investment, historically faith-based funds do perform well.    

Learn More About Morally Responsible & Faith-based Investing

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